Unplug the old  – Power up the new

“Everything here, is focussed on helping conscious, connected, people return to the fullest
expression of themselves. AND create a life lived, filled up and on purpose”


As a transformational mentor, offering grounded teaching and practical wisdom, I invite you back into alignment with yourself. To know yourself as WHOLE and SOVEREIGN. To re-connect with your intuitive wisdom, self-mastery, self-reliance. And to LIVE from that place. Unplugging outdated ways of being based on fear, control, judgement and blame. And powering up new ways that operate from integrity, respect, kindness, love, compassion and connection to every aspect that makes you who you are, brought into the totality of your BEing.

Deep PEACE – TRUST – BELONGING (to yourself)


It is my deep passion and joy to support you coming back to the full knowledge of who you really are, back home to yourself.


With love, grace, universal intelligence as your way showers, life becomes a pretty damn incredible experience
Welcome home



A little on my background…


Alongside and prior to this business, I’ve had a 20 year career, as a Learning & Development consultant supporting thousands of people in organisations across the UK, evolving over the years to coach conscious managers, business leaders & individuals who want to embody their true values, move past their challenges and become even bigger versions of themselves. I have had the privilege to create and deliver programmes that align to higher values and ways of BEing, that exist in the real spaces of our work and our homes, not just ‘nice to have’ concepts still held out in the ethers.


To see respect; integrity; connected communications and responsibility taking the lead over reactivity, defence and attack in tough & challenging spaces, becoming integrated into people’s lives and business cultures, holds a deep place in my heart.




 The Intention of this space…


And it is my deepest passion, to have created this space for conscious contributors wanting to take a deeper dive into their own integration. The journey back into full alignment with their soul-filled selves. And then to live from that place. 
That is powerful. That is SOVEREIGN. 


To live from the inside out. To know that everything we need is within us. To re-connect with it. And BE it in the world. Right here, right now, that’s true potential – that’s where change on our planet can and does occur and what many of us are being asked to step up to.





The purpose of our work together and how I support you…


To walk the talk, grit down and get the work done, that’s the greatest journey we really take on. To bring our wisdom into grounded ways of BEing. The accountability the responsibility, the ownership of us. To know what it looks like, how to become it and how to sustain it, so it becomes fully embedded. And that’s what I support you with and guide you through. With deep respect and a compassionate heart, I help you back to that version of you, the one you always were. My deepest service is supporting our REmembering of our ancient ways of BEing Re-kindlIng them into BEing here now.


Wherever you are on your own individual journey, I welcome you home to yourself.






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