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After getting my city & guilds teacher training qualification in adult learning, I initially thought IT training would be a great career. At the time, I had 3 jobs on the go, so I quit them all and focussed on getting a basic IT qualification, (having zero knowledge in IT – that seemed a good idea) And then told my husband that’s what I was going to become, an IT trainer. He looked at me like I was nuts but knew that look I’m my eye.  landed my first job a job as an IT trainer!  I was a fast learner, with a kind boss and business willing to take a chance on me, (Thankfully seeing something in my ability to work with people not my amazing IT skills).

I quickly realised IT wasn’t for me and began to focus on my real interest in personal development. Working for an organisation that did both IT and Leadership/People development was an amazing opportunity and I up-skilled, qualifing in NLP and various profiling and behavioural & development tools and techniques.

I began running my first empowerment courses and got to work with many different industries, from military and defence sector companies to service providers, the NHS, the Metropolitan police and many many more.  Understanding the challenges faced and what people  wanted to develop in themselves. As time moved on, I had gained enough experience to teach ‘Train The Trainer’ and Presentation skills courses, teaching, not only the physical components of creating training materials and presentations but how to come across with authenticity and credibility, a part of my work I loved. I continued my own growth into coaching and further management training. And then separately qualified in Parent Coaching, By then I had become a mum to two beautiful children and became fascinated at how the skills to be a conscious parent were, the same skills I was by then, teaching to conscious business leaders. In my own personal development, I was also privileged to be mentored over 4 years on a specialist programme focussing on the unique gifts of energetically sensitive children/adults/myself. (Which I then recognised in myself and began my journey to fully embrace and own. Knowing it now, to be one of my truest aspects and greatest gifts. I was able to support businesses with even more conscious ways of operating and being, running coaching programmes for managers and leaders and a year long transformational programme, entitled ‘Enabling Conversations’, enhancing integrity & honest and respectful conversations in the construction industry. And onto NOW and the creation of my most sacred space – HERE ☺


From a young age, I was aware that the impact of our communication lay deeper than our words. And sensed the vibrational frequency of the message, or to explain it another way the real feelings associated with what was being said. Regardless of the words being used. It was particularly obvious when there was a miss match between the words and the content. And when there wasn’t a coherent frequency match, it was the intention that I trusted most to be the truer reflection of the meaning of the message. It became my ‘BS’ meter reading.

So messages sent with resentment, anger or judgement versus, love compassion, kindness had a very different energetic signature. And led me into many areas of study, into the metaphysical, quantum and energetic realms as well as where science and spirituality interconnected. As I connected my intuitive knowing with some science based info and understanding of what I was sensing and intuitively knowing.

And where my own intermingling of my more classical training in organisational Learning & Development and the energetics of communication also began to lean into each other . And in knowing what I did as a child, I knew it would have been very hypocritical of me as an adult (and in fact a lie to myself), to pretend the same wasn’t true of my own energy and what I was resonating out. So I committed especially as I became a parent, to cleaning up my act and my energy and what was in my own field. Actually truthfully it was more accurate to say my children started to hold me to account and I truly committed to cleaning up my act. To becoming aware of and responsible for my own outward actions. And in fact where the inner work began (funny that!). It led me onto a much deeper journey of learning, re-claiming both what I had given away and what I should have owned more of. It led me back home to myself, the truth of a much deeper connection, awakened in me, wisdom that had laid dormant until the time was right. And showed me a clarity, precision and drive to get that knowledge out into the world. And I love the fact that my own experiences keep on expanding.

Koorana Foundation

I joined the koorana foundation when it was founded in April 2019, with it’s mission, to support young people and their parents, carers and teachers and other members of the community to lead balanced, healthy lives and create environments which truly support them, through activities that promote positive physical, emotional and mental health and wellbeing. With the name Koorana meaning to ‘Bring forth the Children (referring to energetically sensitive children) – the foundation and it’s mission felt very close to my heart and it is an honour to work with and support the foundation and it’s mission.

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