Unplug the old  – Power up the new

The ‘How to BE’ Workshops

This community & platform is for conscious, connected individuals and teachers choosing to BE their highest qualities, in a progress not perfection, kinda way.

The ‘How to BE’ workshops are here as a way shower series, for reclaiming all of you, knowing yourself as whole and sovereign and a torch shone upon what the new energy ways can and are like to be. Learning the tools, techniques and access points within yourself, so you can feel, know and ultimately BECOME them. 

We are all creating the new ways of BEing, often times, being those new ways for the first time in our lives. New patterns take time, kindness, patience and compassion. And we often have so much familiarity with what the old versions of us look like, the behaviour patterns, the unconscious programmes and general habbits, that new ways can even be hard to imagine. So these workshops help you play and re-play until you find a resonance with the new.

How to be in conversation with yourselF

Re-connect to your wisdom, self mastery & self reliance through nature, returning to balance and wholeness within

(An Introductory Course)




  • Calm the mind
  • Re-balance you whole body system 
  • Begin to listen to the intelligence of your own wisdom
  • Begin to listen unconditionally to the truth within
  • Begin to be present with all aspects of you

This course provides a gentle introduction to operating in ways that align and take care of who you really are and bring you back home to yourself. Re-connecting to your intuitive wisdom and re-kindling your sense of wholeness. 


This is phase 1 of my business launch.
Phase 2 has lots of exciting and expanded plans, including:
– An Online Training Suite
– Bite-Sized 1 hour Modules
– An Interview Series (with other conscious collaborators)

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