Private Sessions

Unplug the old  – Power up the new

“You cannot sustain the outside with a hollow tree trunk – it either collapses in on itself or falls over…eventually”

So it always starts within….

Knowing how you feel? Deeply knowing how you feel, knowing where your heart resides and then honouring that deep truth. This is a pivotal springboard to notice what you are radiating out and get truthful with it….

Knowing you are NOT broken, you DO NOT need fixing. AND you can BE with what is.

You are deeply WHOLE and all aspects of you want to be felt, heard, honoured and known. For you – to be present with you.

As we learn to focus the attention on ourselves, to see what’s really there and to consciously BE with it. We take full responsibility and accountability for it. Running the higher frequencies of LOVE – TRUTH – COMPASSION and UNCONDITIONAL LISTENING through ourselves, for ourselves. As we do this, we gain loving awareness, we access our higher wisdom and we can take action from there (if any is needed ! The awareness itself may be enough – maybe not).

AND If there’s action to be taken, it can be orchestrated by grace and guided by  universal intelligence.

And then there is no need to force or dominate others to change AND instead we become a living example of an experience or choice that is available.

Considering a private session..

So alongside the group workshops, sometimes it just feels right for people to work individually, they prefer to learn that way, find it easier to open up and equally enjoy the time to focus on specific areas with that time dedicated to them.




Also you may know that you want to unplug an old way and can’t quite see your way through it AND/OR want to power up something new and want help figuring out what it looks like and how to BE it, with more clarity and detail.


If that’s the case you may really benefit from a private session and the time and space to work deeply in a specific area.





 Private Sessions cost £175 and last an hour. If you’d like to book a set of 2 or more, the cost is £150 per session.


 (all sessions are conducted via Zoom and recorded.)


We are all creating the new ways of BEing, often times, being those new ways for the first time in our lives. New patterns take time, kindness, patience and compassion. We often have so much familiarity with what the old versions of us look like, the behaviour patterns, the unconscious programmes and general habbits of what we know. That the new can be hard to imagine let alone Become. So I play and re-play until you find a resonance with the new.



 It’s brave and courageous to step out and be new versions of ourselves and sometimes it’s nice to lean on the wisdom of others and just have that torch shone as we figure our way through the rabbit hole and out the other side.


I’ll help you with the tools, techniques, resources you need and act as the navigating system, bringing your own system online at the same time. So I’ll sit in the passenger seat and you drive. That way you are learning to trust your own skills set, and inner resources as we go and just have the extra support of me there guiding you, until you no longer need me. Perfect!!!!


When you work with me…

I have a precision with the aspects of you that are creating an incoherent rub in your energy field.

I have a clarity on how new ways operate and how to re-kindle them.

I get granular enough with the new ways, so that you can grasp hold of them, in your day to day BEingness of them.

“So the wisdom can be pulled out from the ethers and into us human creatures”

And what I’d like from you….

I don’t care where you are in your process, curiously just starting to explore or a seasoned traveller whose already re-claimed a great level of your own self-mastery, both are cool with me. I just care that you are serious about up-levelling to the next iteration of you.

It’s about progress not perfection, in:

Showing up

Doing the work

Being your best self until you know better then BEing better

That’s it.

So if my work resonates with you and you want to chat through the options of working together, I’d love to hear from you.

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